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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

emergency vet call for the new puppy

Last night I found a beak conditioner block laying on the floor and partially chewed. This was one of the ones with the sand particles in it. I picked it up thinking, I thought I threw this in the trash when I took it out of the cage…..
About 20 minutes later the puppy, Ryder, began vomiting pretty badly. I was immediately on the phone with the animal emergency center and then we were out the door with this little puppy that we have only had for one week.
I drove, Douglas held the little guy, not a sound out of him and he just laid in his baby blanket all snuggled up.
An x-ray was promptly taken when I showed the vet the beak block and told him what I thought happened. Sure enough there were small pebbles on the x-ray. Being a puppy the course of action taken was the least invasive for him. He was given an injection at the back of the neck for dehydration due to the vomiting. Then an anti vomiting drug which has greatly helped him. An adult formula is to be administer for two days and the extra anti vomiting drug every 12 hours if needed.
As for the clinic and the vet that saw our little bugger…..wonderful. Dr. Thomas Hass, DVM, was amazing. He took the time to explain everything for us and provide anything and any information we could have asked for. He went well beyond the call of duty to help us and to inform us.
Update: Ryder woke up with us to get ready for work and was his peppy old self, drinking water and chewing on some of his puppy chow. The little trooper drank his formula and seems to be a lot better considering his terrible night.

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